4 Dark Secrets Nobody Told You About Common Beauty Hacks


It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole of beauty hacks (damn you, Pinterest!). They save time, money, and give us results just as good as the real deal… except, most times they’re not winning recipes. So what might work for one person isn't guaranteed to work for everyone. Since we’re here to call out the bullshit for you, here are 4 dark secrets nobody told you about common beauty hacks.  


1. Cocoa Butter Won’t Even Out Skin Tone


Pregnant women and those wary of stretch marks have been duped. Study after study has revealed that there is no evidence that cocoa butter actually prevents or reduces stretch marks any better than if they were to heal themselves.


2. Coconut Oil Is Not Everyone’s Savior


The praise for coconut oil has gone to everyone’s head and left many with more acne and oily skin than before. First, if you’re not using virgin coconut oil, you’re not getting the best quality coconut for skin care. And if you have oily skin, you could just be inviting more acne and excess oiliness onto your face. 


3. Lotion + Cocoa Powder = Tanning Fail


Going to tanning salons and frying like an egg in a tanning bed is a skin sin, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for this ridiculous (and monstrously ineffective) beauty hack. If you’re not into spray tanning, let the sun work it’s magic on you for free. Just keep your SPF handy, of course!


4. Using Lemon On Your Face Causes Damage


The citrus scent of lemons can be rejuvenating, but the acids in lemon juice can cause damage with prolonged use. Be wary of any face mask or recipe with lemon as it can dry out your skin, strip it of the necessary oils, and cause irritation.

The lesson here is clear

Know your shit before you start messing with beauty hacks. Go for the tried and true and experiment at your own risk. 


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