nobs_oily skincare routine

Oily skin is skin that has larger oil glands and a high sebum content. You got it from your mama (or daddy). It's genetic.

You shine naturally. And, that's a good thing!  The goal with oily skin is to follow a routine that lessens oil activity by keeping skin cells lightly hydrated.  If you're a boss babe with oily skin, we've got you covered! Stick to our daily skincare routine and you'll develop habits that'll make you and your skin happy.

 Morning Slay: 

1. Cleanse: Go with a gentle foaming cleanser to rid your face of debris. Ingredients matter, so find a sulfate-free cleanser that will cut the oil without drying your skin.  No b.s. has a Gentle Foaming Cleanser

2. Toner:  Step away from the alcohol. Use a ph-balancing toner with natural ingredients like witch hazel and geranium.  They are perfect astringents that don't have the drying effects of alcohol.  (Tip: Chill the toner in the fridge before using. Trust us it tightens pores and keeps skin woke.)

3. Vitamin C Serum: Pat on a serum with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C superheroes.  These baddies not only repair cells and keep skin tight, but help with brightening dull spots. No b.s. has a Vitamin C + E Serum

4. Lightweight Moisturizer: Scroll thru Insta for 5 mins. to let the serum dry, and then follow with a lightweight moisturizer with SPF. Look for glycerin and and sodium PCA- humectants that keep moisture = dewy, glowing skin.

 P.M.  Slay: 

1. Cleanse: Use the same cleanser as you did in the a.m.

2. Toner: Keep "dabbing" the same chilled toner from the morning. 

3. Retinol Night Cream: Protect your money maker with a two-for-one night cream combination that also moisturizes.  Oily skin loves retinol because it helps your pores look smaller over time. And, while you get your beauty rest, your cell turnover is in overdrive and glowing skin is on the way.  No b.s. has a Retinol Night Cream 


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