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Calling B.S. on the 10-Step Skin Care Routine

Calling B.S. on the 10-Step Skin Care Routine

We've all heard of the infamous 10-step skin care routine inspired by K-beauty practices.

The results are undeniable, but the process?... so extra. 

Now, we’re not gonna sit here and act like Korean women aren’t known for their flawless skin.

Exhibit A: Peach and Lily founder, Alicia Yoon. Homegirl looks like she’s 25 when in reality she’s closer to 40.

Alicia Yoon is the queen of k beauty- No B.S.


How does she do it?

She follows a 10-step skincare routine that looks something like this: 

Step 1: Oil cleanser

Step 2: Water-based foam cleanser

Step 3: Exfoliator at least once a week

Step 4: Toner

Step 5: Essence for skin regeneration

Step 6: Serum to target specific skin issues

Step 7: Sheet mask

Step 8: Eye cream

Step 9: Sleeping mask

Step 10: SPF

 And no, this isn’t an occasional routine. Yoon claims to do this daily.

Every. Single. Day.

This has to be the key to perfect skin, right? I mean, how can you argue with these results?

Maybe it’s the fermented ingredients in k-beauty products, the double cleanse methods or the sheet masks, but at the end of the day, it’s all or nothing for results these great.


Hmm.. yeah, we’re not buying it.

That’s right, glam fam, we’re calling BS and shutting down this craze for you right here, right now because no one should have to spend so much time on a complex routine when a few basics can pack just enough punch to get the same results.

Call us frugal but we like to think of ourselves as minimalists, only going with what's necessary and trimming off the unnecessary.

Get Your Own

The average skin care routine in the West can be boiled down to a few main products: cleanser, SPF, moisturizer, retinoids (for you gracefully aging babes and studs), and exfoliator.

And although this may not seem as robust as the Korean routine, it can be just as effective.

So why do men and women in the West seem to be unable to control their skin issues while Korean men and women seem unphased by their intense skincare routines?

Simple: the 10-step routine is really just 3 steps that are drawn out into multiple smaller steps.

Clean: double cleanser

Treat: toner, mask, exfoliator, and serum.

Protect: eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

With this in mind, you (yes, you!) can create your own routine that’s tailored to what your skin needs.

But first, you have to find out what your skin needs. Is your skin oily? Do you have flaky patches on your cheeks and excess sheen on your forehead? Is redness your never-ending dilemma?

Figuring out what you need is the first step to getting the results you want. Once you have that, you’ll want to explore different products and brands, just remember which ingredients to avoid.

Seriously, nothing derails a good skin care routine than shitty ingredients.

Now that you know which products and ingredients you need to manage your skin, you can start building your very own skincare routine.

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we’ve got you.

We’ve tailored skincare routines for all skin types in our Ultimate Skin Care Guide.

You can use these routines to jump start your very own skincare routine and build on it as you go.

Go ahead, we crafted them just for you!

The Takeaway...

What you need to remember is that Korean women don’t have beautiful skin because a 10-step routine exists, they have great skin because they’re committed to healthy looking skin.

So if you take away anything from the 10-step routine, it should be that diligence and conscious care can go a long way.

Oh yeah, and that using products free of B.S. ingredients does more for your skin than any 10 or 20-step routine will ever do.

Another thing to keep in mind is that no skincare routine is 100% effective if you’re not taking note of what’s going in your body.

Korean women are traditionally conscious of their diet and exercise, which only boosts the results of their skincare routine.

This includes chugging water and choosing clean options whenever possible, you know, like No B.S. skin care products. ;) 


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