nobs skincare routine for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin isn't necessarily acne-prone, it just responds to irritation and can get red easily. 

A a gentle balance must be struck with sensitive skin care.  The trick is to be delicate, not aggressive.  If you're this boss babe with a more sensitive side to your skin, we've got you covered! Build these great skincare habits into your daily routine and your skin will be smiling. No b.s.


Morning Slay: 

1. Cleanse: Go with a gentle to rid your face of makeup, debris, and impurities without disrupting your skin's natural barrier. 

2. Toner:  Say no to alcohol. Ingredients matter, looks for white tea extract, green tea, chamomile.  These are all calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients to look for in your toner. .  (Tip: Chill the toner in the fridge before using. Trust us it tightens pores and keeps skin woke.)  No b.s. Toner has green tea extract

3. Serum: Lightly pat on a serum with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C superheroes.  These baddies not only repair cells and keep skin tight, but help with brightening dull spots. No b.s. has a Vitamin C + E Serum

4. Fragrance-free Moisturizer: Scroll thru Insta for 5 mins. to let the serum dry, and then follow with a hydrating moisturizer with SPF.   Don't forget your neck. Look for UVA/UVB protection and hydrating ingredients like glycerin and and sodium PCA- humectants that keep moisture = dewy, glowing skin.   No b.s. Moisturizer with SPF passed the selfie test.


P.M.  Slay: 

1. Cleanse: Use the same cleanser as you did in the a.m.

2. Toner: Keep "dabbing" the same chilled toner from the morning. 

3. Fragrance-free Moisturizer: Protect your money maker with the same moisturizer you used during the day.


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