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Introducing the Self-Care Regimen by Sarah Hyland

Introducing the Self-Care Regimen by Sarah Hyland

Healthier Skin Starts with the Truth

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Sarah Hyland! 

Like many of our beloved No BS'ers who share their incredible stories with us, Sarah Hyland has shared her truth of battling severe health issues and how she has changed her life to always put health first. 

Not only does she have a starring role in one of our favorite sitcoms on TV right now, but she is also an outspoken challenger of traditional media and beauty. As a skincare company that prides itself on being genuine and straightforward with our customers, we were honored to work with this candid queen! 

She was faced with the challenge of having to battle many health issues in the public eye, but instead of hiding behind hospital doors she chose to assert herself as an image for people who are also suffering from similar issues. 

"Sarah's story really resonated with our team and our brand," said No BS Skincare CEO Diana Briceno, "because she realized how much she needed to invest in herself and take control of her health where she was able what products to use on your biggest organ--your skin."  Like so many of our customers, Sarah realized that what she ate, drank, and put on her skin could contribute to toxins building up in her body. 

We love establishing partnerships like Sarah's to bring awareness to the importance of clean beauty ingredients and products. So much so, that we decided to partner with Sarah to inspire people to take control of their health and cut out all of the unnecessary toxic B.S. they don't need from their products and their lives. 

Get Skin Care Advice from Sarah! 

Launching on November 21st, the Self Care Regimen, by Sarah Hyland will be part of an interactive experience in which you will receive a skincare routine directly from Sarah. Did you ever think you would be getting skincare advice directly from Sarah Hyland?

Go to to join us on this exciting journey! Your phone number is an essential part of this interactive experience (don’t worry, we respect your privacy, so your information will not be shared with any third parties, and you can opt-out at any time.) Once you input your information you will receive a call from Sarah to get an inside look into her preferred skincare regimen. (Hint: it’s free from toxic B.S.)

She will even give you a secret code at the end of the call to get a discount on her regimen! This is for a limited time only, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity while you still can. 

We created No B.S. to provide better, healthier skincare powered by truth, not toxins. We got rid of those harsh chemicals and “natural” ingredients that only cause more harm than good and created a product that actually works with potent formulas. Women everywhere have already reaped the many benefits of our brand, and we invite you to give it a shot, too! 

While we can't fully control everything that goes on in our bodies, we can choose to make better and healthier life choices every day.  Every journey begins with a single step. We hope that we can inspire people to start putting their health first every day, even if the choice as simple as a moisturizer. 

Head to now to partake in this unique experience! 

The Self-Care Regimen, curated by Sarah Hyland comes with our four best-selling products - and the only products you will need for clear and healthy skin! 

It includes the: 

  • Foaming Cleanser to dissolve makeup and pore debris  
  • Purifying Facial Toner to draw out dirt, oil, and debris from pores 
  • Vitamin C + E Serum to brighten and tighten dull skin 
  • Day + Night Hyaluronic Cream to improve the appearance of fine lines


Now until January 31st, we're donating 50% of the profit from Sarah's Regimen to She Recovers to help women recovering from abuse, addiction, and other unfortunate circumstances. Let your skincare work for you while it helps others.

Shop the regimen now and activate your donation!

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