No B.S. & She Recovers: A Force For Empowerment and Support

Hey Good Lookin'! 

We are proud to announce that we've joined the She Recovers community! We're always looking to participate in a community that reflects our own core values and She Recovers more than meets our criteria through their persistent work toward empowering and helping women.

The 411 on She Recovers

She Recovers helps women recover from any type of struggle they might be going through - whether its drug addiction, alcoholism, codependency, love and sex addiction, or any other situation. Any woman going through a negative path is welcomed at She Recovers where they help them reinvent these paths and guide them to one where they feel stronger, safer, and happier.

Why We Vibe So Well

When we heard what these phenomenal women were doing, we couldn't help but jump at the chance to join forces! Our communities share the same principles and objectives by seeing the need for change and encouraging it through honesty, empowerment, and confidence. We are grateful for the opportunity and will approach the issues that these women face with the same fervor.

By continuing to create REAL formulas without toxic and unnecessary ingredients, we continue to fight against all the beauty industry bullshit and the insecurities that come with it. We're doing our part by giving our community the best that we can give: healthy skin that they can be proud of.

The best policy we can have is one that promotes self-care and self-love. And that, my friend, is No B.S.

She Recovers in LA

If you're in the LA area this September, She Recovers will be gathering to provide workshops and resources for women in order to heal and sustain the mind, body, and spirit. We're proud to partner with these amazing women and will be offering our own goodies to attendees. 

Learn more about the upcoming She Recovers event in L.A.



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