10 Make up faux pas only for Halloween

On any other day, a dark smoky eye at 4 in the afternoon might look a bit… off. That's just makeup 101.

With Halloween right around the corner, we know the streets are about to be filled with ghoulish babes and ghastly studs. So in the spirit of this anything-goes holiday, we’re digging up the worst beauty trends and reincarnating them for one night only!

Guided by YouTubers who know a thing or two about beauty trends, we’re green lighting these makeup faux pas to help take your Halloween costume to new heights. Just be sure to forget these tips once Halloween is over. I mean, they’re okay for a night of debauchery but not for an everlasting look. Mmkay? 

Faux Pas #1: Too much base

We all know that one person who just takes it a little too far. Fortunately, Halloween is the perfect occasion for an extra layer (or five) of foundation. Are you ghosting it this year? Then too much base is no such thing for you, boo.    

Faux Pas #2: Concealer that’s too light

If you’re working on perfecting your mime costume, this faux pas can add some authenticity to your look. Usually, a concealer that’s too light can wash you out. In this case, you want this look.

Faux Pas #3 Dark as night eyebrows

Going for a Dracula look? Usually, drawing in an extremely dark eyebrow would be one hell of a faux pas, but on Halloween, we embrace the brash and unusual. So go ahead and paint them on nice and dark. This also works for a mime costume.

Faux Pas #4: Extreme contouring face and body

Jackie Aina

It started with face contouring and moved its way down to almost every part of the body. Embrace this extreme body contouring to recreate your favorite celebrity, give yourself the cleavage you need to rock that costume, or just discombobulate your face.

Faux Pas #5: Lip color that’s too nude

Not nude like that really awesome brownish tone; we mean nude like pale. How can pale lips come in handy this Halloween? Bring your zombie look together or finish up your ghostly look with this faux pas.

Faux Pas #6 Excess tanning

A little sun kissed glow is a staple look for the summer, but when you’re borderline transracial, you’ve reached faux pas city. No worries. This faux pas comes in handy if your costume is an oopma loompa, Donald Trump, or any other ill-colored creature.

Faux Pas #7: Rainbow highlighters

Not gonna lie, rainbow highlighters were fun while they lasted. If you still have a few in your possession, go crazy and experiment with a unicorn costume or sugar skull makeup.

Faux Pas #8: Faux freckles

Shopper Mandy

It was cute for a second, but then some people decided to do the most. For those of us who want to bring this back, faux freckles still work perfectly for costumes like a rag doll or Pippi Long Stockings. It’ll be cute, but only because it goes with costume. 

Faux Pas #9: Going heavy on the under eyeliner

Normally, adding too much liner under your eyes can make you look tired, old, and just… scary. Luckily, that’s what we’re going for so don’t be afraid to go heavy on the under eyeliner to add character to your zombie, corpse bride, or other deadly costume.

Faux pas #10: Blinding highlight

The tip of the nose, the brow bone, the temples, the chin… dab that shit all over your face chanting “glow is life” to help complete any costume that needs extra pizzazz. Dressing up as a mannequin, a dewy princess, or Cleopatra? There’s no such thing as “too much” highlight (on Halloween).

Many beauty bloggers and makeup artists call out the worst trends of the year and trends they would rather see dead than on another tutorial. So, think of this as an un-tutorial, one that will guide you on your quest to crafting a Halloween costume that will surely give you an edge.

Special thanks to Wayne Goss, Jackie Aina, and Shopper Mandy for keeping us schooled on the beauty trends we should never be caught dead wearing.

Still looking for a Halloween costume? No worries, boo. We have a whole list of easy and creative ideas for you.  

10 Make up faux pas that are acceptable only on Halloween - Live No. B.S.

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