Essential Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Is Your Skin Outshining You?

You shine naturally, and that's a good thing! But when skin is outshining you
due to larger oil glands and high sebum content, you might be looking for a
solution that lessens oil activity by keeping skin cells lightly hydrated. If
you're a boss babe with oily skin, we've got you covered! Develop great
habits that'll make you and your skin happy.

A.M. Slay

  1. Cleanse: Go with a gentle foaming cleanser to rid your face of debris. Be
    sure to find a sulfate-free cleanser that will cut the oil without drying your
    skin. No B.S. has a Gentle Foaming Cleanser that can help get the job done.
  1. Toner: Avoid alcohol-based toners. Use a ph-balancing toner* with natural
    ingredients instead, like witch hazel and geranium. They are perfect
    astringents that don't have the drying effects of alcohol.
  2. Serum: Pat on a serum with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C superheroes.  These baddies not only repair cells and keep skin tight, but help with brightening dull spots. No B.S. has a Vitamin C + E Serum boost your glow.
  3. Lightweight Moisturizer: Let the serum dry, and follow it with a lightweight
    moisturizer with SPF. Look for glycerin and sodium PCA- humectants that
    keep moisture in for dewy, glowing skin.  

P.M. Slay 

  1. Cleanse: Use the same cleanser as you did in the a.m.
  2. Toner: Dab the same chilled toner from the morning. 
  3. Retinol Night Cream: Protect your money maker with a two-in-one night cream combination that also moisturizes. Oily skin loves retinol because it helps
    your pores look smaller over time. No B.S. has a Retinol Night Cream to work
    with your cell’s natural turnover for glowing skin.

*No B.S. tip: Chill the toner in the fridge before using. It tightens pores and keeps skin woke.

No B.S. blog oily kincare routine

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