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17  Boss Latina Beauty Bloggers- Love No. B.S.

17 Top Latina Beauty Bloggers

Oh, hey there!

Even though Hispanic Heritage month is technically over, we’re really excited to be highlighting some beauties who should be a part of the regular convo, not just when there’s a celebratory month attached to it. Are we the only ones?

Ah, well..

Anywaaayyy, you know how people like to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Yeah, we have a bone to pick with that saying.

As we see it, the beholder has been a constructed image of beauty ideals, supported by nearly impossible beauty standards and promoted by cookie-cutter models.

When it comes to Hispanics and other so-called “minority” groups, there’s just no way of matching up to these ideals, unless it’s in a hyper-sexualized or subservient context (*cough cough BULLSHIT cough*).

The thing about being Hispanic though, is that there is no possible way to group this population into one particular set of beauty standards. Latinx men and women are made up of a multitude of backgrounds that result in diverse looks.

Being Hispanic doesn’t mean one thing, and “looking Hispanic” can take limitless forms. So why do we always have to check off one single box on the census? …But that’s a story for another day. 

Let’s be honest here- we’re not just doing a disservice to the Hispanic community, but we’re also missing out on cultural influences that can improve our perspectives of beauty and take the industries that rely on these standards to new heights.

Switching up the definition of beauty

Luckily for us, there are some badass boss beauties blazing their own trail and using their platforms to shake up the perceptions of what it means to be beautiful.

Okay, so how can we define beauty to be more inclusive?

Well, we should definitely start by not trying to define something so abstract. Think about it, the more rigid these beauty standards are (slim, toned bodies; straight glowing hair; legs for days), the more other forms of beauty are buried in the reject pile (curvy silhouettes, lush afros, and petite bodies); and no one belongs in the reject pile.

We love seeing women embracing their uniqueness and embodying their true selves. More of this please!

Luckily, there are some fierce Hispanic women using art and media to express how they really feel about the bullshit beauty standards that saturate our media on the regular.

17 Women embracing their own definition of beauty

Whether it’s indigenous women showcasing their culture, or Afro-Latina women coming to terms with their mixed identities to form (and own) their own identity, it’s such a wonderful thing when “marginalized” definitions of beauty can stand on their own without having to please the mainstream ideals.

These women certainly aren’t letting others carve their path and we love them for it! Who are they? They’re beauty bloggers, fashionistas, Latinas, and, of course, honorary boss beauties.

Check them out below and follow your faves!

  1. @Zulydelarose is one Latina who is definitely not afraid to showcase her roots and bring her full self to the forefront.
  2. @Grasiemercedes is an LA-based blogger who embraces her ‘fro and fun-loving attitude regularly. Once you peep her feed, you’ll know exactly. 
  3. @Camilacoelho is fierce as fuck and her Instagram lives up to her fast-paced fashionista lifestyle. She serves us well with fashion inspo daily.
  4. @Nanysklozet is a Miami-based blogger living it up by her own rules. Some might call her an unconventional beauty, but she remains true to her own style, unapologetically.
  5. @Pamhetlinger is a blogger from Panama who knows a thing or two about style. She’s not your average blond hair, blue-eyed beauty… and we like it that way!
  6. @Natalieoffduty brings beauty to a new level. Her Chinese, Spanish, and Mexican roots make for great content on her Instagram and everything about her just oozes sensual beauty. We like her.
  7. @Natymichele looks like she could be your BFF, giving you sound fashion and beauty advice. Although she doesn’t quite meet the usual “beauty standards”, she’s hitting all the points for us with her laidback style.
  8. @Kyrzayda_ is Latina and proud, as she should be… she’s so damn chic and modern! She uses her Instagram to show that fashion is ever changing and having fun with your looks is what it’s all about.
  9. @Pamallier mixes culture into her feed. Her travel destinations serve as backdrops or her aesthetically-pleasing outfits, and really, she’s just the cutest!
  10. @Tiffanydiana brings a plate of confidence to the table. If you’re looking for fashion inspiration from a bestie who knows a thing or two about style and grace, check her out.
  11. @Fashioncentswithdaysi is a journalist by day, fashionista by night. Her tips for affordable (yet chic) clothing is what gives this hot momma a place in our hearts. 
  12. @Irisbeilin keeps it real and shows that behind the perfect selfie, there’s a human being just trying to make it out alive. Obviously, she looks great doing it.
  13. @Bylynny is your girl-next-door type’a gal. She’s all about skincare tips and adding a personal touch to her content. She’s not blond or blue-eyed, but she’s our kinda woman.
  14.  @Nashmessina is a “fabulatina” making waves with her vibrant Instagram feed. You’ll see posts about her children, her friends, her family, and just living life. Stress from all the bullshit, as it should be.
  15. @nailsbyregina is a Puerto Rican nail artist giving women a boost in confidence with nails that (literally) slay. She’s talented, Latina, and not afraid to be herself.
  16. @heyfranhey is a YouTuber, writer, and is pumping out great content for all type of media consumption. We can’t tell if it’s the abundance of hair or the swag, but we’re feelin’ it.
  17. @monicastylemuse is Afro-Latina and playing by her own rules. If fierce had a face, it would look like her. #PeroLike just follow her, okay?

Loving this list? Are you inspired to finally break free from all the bullshit beauty standards?

We’ll take that as a YAS! While you start following these bodacious boss babes, be sure to follow No B.S. on insta, too. We’re not saying you have to, but if you liked any of the ladies above, we might just be your cup of tea too.

So go ahead, follow us on Instagram!

 17 Latina Beauty Bloggers Who Are Changing The Status Quo- No B.S.

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