6 Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Sex

It's orgasmic. 

There are a few things almost every woman can appreciate: news of a secret sample sale, a tall glass of wine during the summer and of course, looking and feeling younger and beautiful. Some of us, present company included, are so dedicated to discovering our own fountain of youth, that we’re willing to invest a small fortune in it. Overflowing medicine cabinets filled with face masks and creams, $300 bi-monthly hair treatments, visits to Rihanna’s alleged dermatologist, enlisting the help of a nutritionist, trainers, heck, even spiritual healers, whatever it takes to unlock the miracles that will give us better skin, fuller hair, and a more youthful look. Turns out, however, the secret to everlasting youth and killer looks is a lot closer than you think, sex! According to #science “getting it on” can benefit you way beyond the bedroom, or wherever you may like to do the nasty.

That’s right ladies, not only does sex feel good and bring you closer to bae, but having an active sex life (2-3 times a week), has some pretty interesting and proven beauty benefits. So much so, you just might want to consider putting it at the top of your “to-do” list because it could save you a trip to the doctor and even fight tooth decay!

Check out why sex is not just good, but good for you, below.

It Can Boost Your Immune System

That’s right, according to a study performed by researchers at Wilkes University, having sex once or twice a week can increase the levels of the antibody, immunoglobulin A, which is known to boost the immune system, by 30%. The term ‘cuffing season’ is making a lot more sense now.

It’s The Real Glow Up

Turns out the fabled ‘morning-after’ glow, is no urban myth. You literally look better after getting it on. According to doctors, during sex, your body produces the hormone DHEA, which amongst other things can improve the complexion of your skin. Your glowing skin can also be attributed the flush of blood under your skin, a natural part of the arousal process, stress relief and the boost in your mood, all caused by sex.

It’s Good For Your Teeth

Stepping up to the ahem… mic if you will can help protect your pearly whites. Semen contains surprisingly high levels of calcium, zinc and other minerals all proven to fight tooth decay. True as this may be, it’s probably smart to continue using toothpaste.

It Prevents Wrinkles

*Ques the sound of men rejoicing* Turns out that Spermine, found in…sperm has been found to prevent wrinkles and soften the skin. In fact, Spermine has been proven to be so effective that it has been introduced in several upscale spas across the country. But maybe save your coins and hit bae with the “wyd tonight” text.

It Can Make Your Hair And Nails Stronger

Sex isn’t just great for your skin. Research has shown that sex can improve your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients effectively. This means your body is getting an increased amount of essential vitamins and minerals, leading to healthier hair and stronger nails for you. Is this Becky with the good hairs’ secret?

It Can Give You Fuller Lips

Get the Kylie Jenner look without the commitment or investment. As we know, your heart rate increases when getting it on, which gets your blood flowing. This increase in blood flow is known to lead to fuller looking lips, helping your pout look plumper.

You’ll Get Better Sleep

As someone who has suffered from insomnia for far too long, this may be the biggest benefit of all. Thanks to oxytocin, also known as the feel-good or cuddle hormone, having sex leads to improved sleep at night. This is caused when oxytocin floods the brain post-climax, giving us that sleepy feeling afterwards. Meaning you’ll be you serving all the boys and girls a more refreshed look in the morning.

Did we miss anything? What are your favorite beauty benefits from sex and which of these are you ready to test with bae? Let us know in the comments below!