5 Beauty Trends That Prove We’re In The Future

Futuristic movies give us a sense of what to expect in the decades to come. Back to The Future had us anticipating hoverboards and The Matrix had us all convinced we’re living in a simulation. They aren’t always as factual or as pretty as we’d expect but they do always spark the imagination. They also set certain expectations of which innovations to look forward to (am I the only one still waiting for those hoverboards?).  

Since life isn’t a movie and we can’t actually know what’s in our future, we got to wondering: is the future of beauty already playing out? Are we, in fact, living the future of beauty? The way we see it, these six beauty trends have us feeling advanced AF!

The Future is Here

Gender-Neutral Brands & Products

Gone are the days of beauty products being enjoyed openly and exclusively by women. Men and makeup are no longer just for drag shows (which we can all agree are fierce as fuck no matter what time period, right?). In these futuristic times, the attitudes toward beauty are leaning towards more inclusive options, with gender-neutral brands catering to both sexes and a rise in products that can alleviate more general pain points. Bet no one saw this coming 20 years ago!

Male Personal Care

Yes, we just did a whole spiel on gender-neutral brands, but we're loving that the boys are getting a light shined on their own personal care needs. We’ve always seen men’s care and grooming brands follow an overly-simplistic approach by presenting all-in-one products. With this “boy beauty” craze, we’re seeing a rise in men-only brands using an approach that classic skin care brands traditionally reserved for women. This means packaging and messaging that takes a more conscious approach using education and aesthetic appeal...and we’re frickin’ loving it!

DIY Products

Maybe Pinterest was onto something when they gave DIYers a digital haven of crafts and skin care recipes. Although there’s nothing too mainstream yet, there are some budget beauty lines working towards DIY products like face mask makers, which allow you to create your own hydrogel face mask using ingredients like fruit juice, veggies, and collagen. Who would’ve predicted at-home beauty mask makers ten, even five, years ago?!   

Organic and Plant-Based Brands

From Sigma to Noto Botanics (also gender-neutral, btw), we’re seeing a surge in farm-to-vanity brands and the demand is quickly surpassing the supply. Call us #woke or just plain soft, but there’s something noble about being conscious of the impact a brand and its products make. Product junkies and beauty mavens are following suit, choosing and creating brands that exclusively fall into the Vegan/Organic/Plant-Based category.

Smart Beauty Devices

Smart beauty devices are an obvious evolution from smartphones and smart houses. This trend, in particular, gives us futuristic vibes with devices that activate with a simple gesture and monitor activity to curate personalized recommendations. With these devices already hitting the market, it’s only a matter of time before “smart beauty” becomes a part of our daily lives. Whether you want to analyze your skin and track multiple skin goals or find better hair care products, these devices are ready to pull you right into the future. Check out some of the latest gadgets we’ve seen!


We may not have jetpacks or teleportation devices (yet) but these beauty trends are giving us a sense of what the future holds, at least for the beauty industry. What we do know is that brands like No B.S. are finding their own identities within the industry and breaking all the rules to define a new era of beauty. If we can challenge some beauty norms while we’re at it, then the future is looking pretty damn bright to us!


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