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Easy Beauty Hacks for Lazy Girls

7 Easy Beauty Hacks for Lazy Girls



Women spend an average of 55 minutes/day primping and grooming. Do you realize just how much effort that is? If you identify more with a sloth than with a Kardashian, try out these easy beauty hacks for lazy girls that you’ve probably never thought of. All of these are two steps or less, and will up your beauty game while giving you more time to Netflix ‘n chill.




  • Use a light colored eyeliner on your waterline to brighten up the area and hide your tiredness. Nobody will know that you stayed up until 3am watching Snapchat “news” articles.
  • To easily fill in your eyebrows, apply powder with a clean mascara brush and softly blend it in. Subtle and sneaky.
  • Is sleeping your favorite activity? Try doing it slightly propped up on a pillow to help drain the fluid from your face. This will help reduce puffiness in the bags under your eyes.




  • We get it, dragging yourself to the shower to wash your hair is just a hassle. Next time, combine a bit of sea salt with your normal shampoo to keep your roots cleaner for a longer time. This means you get to stay on the couch longer to watch The Office!
  • Dry shampoo - try it. It’s a lifesaver. Use it when you’re low on time or energy, or also to add volume to your hair by flipping your part and spraying those roots.




  • Don’t be too sad when there are only crumbs leftover of your favorite eyeshadow. Mix the rest with some lip balm and apply that color to your lips!
  • Want your lips to pop more, but not into lip gloss? Apply a bit of highlighting powder to make those lips look bigger and poutier.

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