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How does Subscribe & Save work?

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Can I subscribe to more than one product at a time?

Subscribe to all of them! We offer subscriptions to full-size single products, duos, and trios so you can set up a custom routine that refills whenever you want.

Check out our Subscribe and Save collection for all products that apply.

Which products can I subscribe to?

Currently, Subscribe and Save is only available for full-size singles, duos, and trios. Routine bundles are not eligible for our Subscribe & Save program.

Check out our Subscribe and Save collection
 for all products that apply.

Does the Subscribe & Save discount apply to all recurring orders?

Yes! Your 20% coupon will be applied to all recurring orders

Will I get a notification before my next refill?

We'll send you notifications via email and SMS to help you keep track of upcoming charges and shipments. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our team at

Can I use a debit card or prepaid card?

We only accept credit cards and debit cards for subscription orders. Since these are recurring charges, prepaid cards don't guarantee that the necessary funds will be available throughout your subscription.

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