Meet our founders


Made By Women Who Know Better 

“We started No B.S. because we were tired of toxic beauty industry behavior: the B.S. marketing claims, the nasty ingredients, the unattainable beauty standards. 

Diana spent most of her career working for the giant corporate beauty brands that run the business. But little by little, it got to her. That’s when she found Shelly, a nutritionist who had been whipping up natural beauty products herself. 

We joined forces because we knew we could do better. Our mission is simple: change the business of beauty by creating clean yet powerful products backed by real results, not marketing hype.  The result is everything clean skincare should be.

Thank you for joining our mission!"

Diana Briceno and Shelly Dimitrijevic





Breaking Through The Bull  

B.S. is everywhere. It’s the wage gap, the pink tax, and the $11 billion beauty industry telling us what to buy to buy our worth. We’re so done with all of it: half-truths, shady ingredients, and products that promise everything but deliver nothing. That’s why we’re on a mission to change beauty for good with safe and healthy skincare that actually does what it says it’s going to. 


Glowing Results. Nothing Shady. 

We take the good-good that nature has to offer and mix it with science-made innovations worth geeking out over. Plus, we ban 1,500 questionable ingredients from our products. Some call it clean, we call it common sense. No parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial colorants, fragrances, phthalates or alcohol. And no animal testing, ever. 

Skincare With Higher Standards

As a brand, we’re committed to ousting beauty industry B.S. with clean ingredients that work smarter to give us healthy, glowing skin. We’re not promising a miracle in a bottle: we’re promising clean formulas, visible results, and a B.S.-free beauty culture we can all get behind.