What do huge plastic boxes, styrofoam packing peanuts, and enormous hashtag balloons have to do with glowing, healthy skin?


Beauty brands are dishing out tons of cash for distracting and extravagant influencer mailers designed to catch your eye on your insta-feed. While this may look flashy, it’s also really fucking wasteful.

So, while some brands are more concerned with accumulating insta-likes, we’re focused on making sure you actually like your skin.

PR mailers full of elaborate, gimmicky packaging are the ultimate B.S. here’s why you won’t see us send one.


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Many of the most important skincare ingredients come from Mama Earth, so let’s not shit on her! With the average American producing 130 lbs of garbage a month, we should all be looking for ways to cut down and clean up our acts.

Our skincare routines should be an easy place to start, since the vast majority of products pack a punch in small, recyclable packaging. 

No B.S. products come in recyclable plastic and glass and if you don't have recycling options available where you live, send us your empty No B.S. products and we'll recycle them for you! 

Unfortunately, many beauty brands are so concerned with grabbing the consumer’s eye, they overcompensate by investing in huge PR mailers full of wasteful extras.

These heavy packages travel to influencers in gas-guzzling trucks and planes, significantly increasing our collective carbon footprint.

Let’s keep it simpleall that skincare requires is a small, recyclable box!

After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


In addition to creating tons of non-recyclable junk, many beauty companies waste their own products by sending influencers pounds of product and other disposable freebies they will never use (who needs 20 shades of foundation?!).

Many influencers end up selling, tossing, or giving away the product they don’t need.

Why not put that excess product to good use in the hands of people who actually need it?

Instead of wasting product on people who will never use it, we donate product to a handful of organizations, including Project Glimmer, which supports teenagers in need.

That feels better, right?



While elaborate boxes and bows add no value, they certainly don’t come cheap.

Brands throw away their budget on PR gimmicks, which means less money devoted to high-quality ingredients and product testing.

We’re looking out for priority number oneyour healthy, happy skin!

Keeping our packaging simple allows us to focus on what really matters.


These are our mailers, in case you were wondering! A simple black envelope with our favorite quote! 

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So what can we do to change the culture?

A good to place for beauty brands to start would be to trash the trash….focus on quality ingredients in minimal packaging and let the product speak for itself.

When it comes to your skin, it’s what happens after the product is out of the box that counts.

Influencers are smart enough to be wowed by the product, not the packaging.

Oh, and they’re also totally fed up with stacks on stacks of wasteful mailers. "After all, what will we tell future generations who inherit a garbage-filled planet?" asked one influencer in an interview with Fashionista. "Sorry, but I really loved my swag?"



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