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Welcome to our Good Vibes Series! Each week, we’re bringing you a dose of good vibes and sharing some feel-good facts from around the world. Don’t ask “why,” ask “why not?” Courtesy of Future Crunch.


India’s second most populous state, Maharashtra, home to 116 million people, banned all single-use plastic (including packaging) on the 23rd June this year. Indian Express

Thanks to tightening restrictions, the United Kingdom reported a 12% drop in vehicle emissions since 2012, as well as significant overall drop in air pollutants. BBC

Following a ban by two of its biggest retailers, Australia cut its plastic bag usage by 80% in three months, saving 1.5 billions bags from entering the waste stream. NY Post

Four years ago, China declared a war on pollution. It’s working. Cities have, on average, cut concentrations of fine particulates in the air by 32%. New York Times

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