Hyaluronic Acid: The Thirst Trap Your Skin Has Been Waiting For

It’s time.

With winter long gone, outfits are getting smaller and skin is getting more airtime. This means your skin needs to be in tip-top shape! So, if you’re still feeling dried out from the frost and you see that your skin could use a little TLC, get serious skin-dulgence with hyaluronic acid.

You may have heard about this nifty little ingredient making the rounds in skin care products but don’t be fooled by the name. This acid is something we naturally produce in our bodies already and it’s doing all kinds of amazing things to the lucky ones who use it!

A Hyaluronic Acid Crash Course

So, what exactly is hyaluronic acid?

Well, it isn’t just another filler that brands use in their products. It’s certainly not an irritating acid that zaps problem areas, either. Oh, no. Hyaluronic acid is your secret for smooth, flawless, and most importantly, hydrated skin.

So, if you’re battling dry, flaky skin or slipping your finger across an oily, slicked forehead, you may want to get more acquainted with this kick-ass power player.

How it works:

As simply as we can put it, hyaluronic acid (HA) works like a magnet, pulling moisture from the air onto your skin to keep cells as hydrated and plump as possible. One HA molecule has the power to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and goes a step further to regulate the moisture within your cells.

Is your mind blown yet? Wait until you see the benefits!

Benefits of hyaluronic acid:

If you haven’t connected the drops yet, the key benefit of HA is that it drastically hydrates skin on a cellular level. With this alone, you get pretty noticeable results:

  • Increased elasticity
  • Reduced lines, wrinkles and rough texture
  • Radiant skin
  • Completely safe to use
  • Great for all skin types (yes, even oily skin!)
  • Contains antioxidant properties
  • Reparative abilities (skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory)
  • Protective skin barrier
  • Defense against UV damage
  • Lasting moisture

The Story Behind Our Hyaluronic Day + Night Cream

We all know how hard it can be to give your skin the attention it deserves, but why not make it a summer where your only care is staying cool and (responsibly) tan? As the season hits, No B.S. is announcing the launch of a new skin-loving product with all the HA you’ll ever need!

The Day + Night Hyaluronic Cream is perfect for any season but really comes in handy when your skin feels especially dry. Whether you’re wanting to minimize fine lines or just keep skin hydrated and happy, this lightweight triple-moisture system is waiting for you.  

Here’s how the Day + Night Cream works:

As you spread this decadent cream over your face, you’re getting layer upon layer of quenching ingredients. In the first layer, you’re getting olive-based squalane and jojoba oil for instant nourishment. This first layer gives skin a sip of what’s to come and makes way for our trusty HA to work its magic. The second layer is pure replenishment as HA uses every bit of its power to absorb as much moisture from your environment as possible. So, if you live in Miami or any other unbelievably humid region, this is your skin’s ultimate BFF. The last layer is apricot oil, which locks in all of these levels of moisture for lasting hydration.

Don’t think that just because you’re on the oily side that you don’t have to consider moisturizing. Without some hydration in your life, your skin can over-produce sebum and clog your pores, which leads to breakouts and breakdowns, and you don’t need that in your life. What you do need is a simple and effective way to keep skin looking and feeling good. This Day + Night cream does just that!

Get the perfect dose of hydration every time with this new summer essential.

No B.S. Hyaluronic Cream

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