No B.S. Goodness: Garden Cress Extract

No B.S. Goodness is a mini-series highlighting the power players in our clean, potent formulas. Learn more about No B.S. ingredients here.


Garden Cress Extract is a new (and better) way to prevent skin aging. Detoxophane, a purified extract of garden cress sprouts, activates the skin’s own detoxification system and kicks your cell turnover into overdrive!

Why We Love Garden Cress Extract

Its natural benefits make for the perfect way to protect your cells against environmental stressors and make sure your skin is always looking happy and healthy. Who wouldn't want that?

Shutting Down The B.S.

You may hear of Garden Cress Extract being used as a skin whitener as well; however, this is not how we use it in our products. Using it as a skin whitener means using a more synthetic version, which is something we just don't do with our products. We use it as a direct extract for its vitamin content (vitamins A, C, K) and it's the ability to soothe irritated skin.  

Find It In

Charcoal Detox Peel-Off Mask

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